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Illinois Cancer Specialists

Illinois Cancer Specialists

With more than 30 years in practice, and over 400 years of combined experience, we’re changing the forefront of patient care. Our dedicated and highly-skilled physicians and staff, who specialize in caring for patients with cancer and blood disorders, provide unparalleled access to the most innovative, advanced therapies and latest technologies throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas. With 25 board certified physicians, we offer convenient, compassionate care in ten locations including Arlington Heights, Bolingbrook, Chicago, Elgin, Hinsdale, Hoffman Estates, Huntley, McHenry, Niles and Woodstock

Illinois Cancer Specialists (ICS) is a comprehensive provider of cancer care covering a large area and a diverse population in the Chicagoland area. We provide complete oncology services, including the delivery of chemotherapy, on-site radiation therapy, imaging for CT and PET including sodium fluoride scans and oral chemotherapy via our in-office retail pharmacy. Our comprehensive model of community cancer care was started more than 20 years ago as a way to provide personalized cancer care that is focused on the clinical and economic benefit for patients and payers. Over time, our practice has grown and evolved by staying current in all types of care delivery, despite the changing landscape of oncology. Today, we are delivering high-quality, cost-effective care in the community but recognize that maintaining this standard requires us to listen to our patients and referring physicians and make constant improvements based on that feedback.

At ICS, our mission is to combine the strength of hope with the power of science. Our practice mantra is “Our Only Care Is You,” which embodies the core philosophy of each physician partner. All treatments are guided by evidence-based medicine and extensive research.

In 1997, we took our comprehensive community-based model a step further by partnering with the US Oncology (USO) Network. With practices in the USO network location in communities nationwide, patients receive high-quality treatment while remaining near family members, loved ones and their primary physicians — all important elements of their personal support system. The USO network treats more than 800, 00 patients annually in 30 independent community-based practices. USO, a physician-led organization, is one of the nation’s largest networks of integrated, community-based cancer care. The network unites like-minded physicians around a common vision of improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

Listed below are the many staff members we have to maintain this model and provide quality care to our patients as they undergo their treatments.

• Medical director – responsible for oversight of all medical decisions
• Oncology nurse navigators – responsible for providing care coordination throughout all
   phases of cancer treatments
• Clinical director – oversees all clinical personnel and clinical services
• Social workers – assess, evaluate and assist with patients’ social issues and maximize their
   support systems
• Patient benefit representatives – meet with every new patient and give ongoing financial-
   assistance opportunities to reduce each patient’s out-of-pocket expenses

All of our sites offer many in office services. The listing below is all-inclusive. Please visit our website at for site-specific services.

• Board-certified medical oncologists, hematologists and radiation oncologist
• Oncology-certified nurses
• CT/PET imaging, radiopharmaceutical scanning
• Radiation and HDR
• Transplantation services
• Access to broad network of clinical trials
• On-site laboratory services
• In-office bone marrow biopsy and flow cytometry analysis
• In-office phlebotomy
• Specialty pharmacy dispensing
• Multicultural interpretation services
• Oncology-specific electronic medical record
• Individualized counseling program for advanced care planning
• Genetic testing and counseling


     A member of

US Oncology Network

Arlington Heights • 847.259.4482

Bolingbrook • 630.654.1790

Chicago/Resurrection • 773.763.9300

Elgin • 847.931.0909

Hinsdale • 630.654.1790

Hoffman Estates • 847.885.0909

Huntley • 847.802.7880

McHenry • 815.363.0066

Niles • 847.827.9060

Woodstock • 815.334.9154

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