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A Crisis of Undiagnosed Cancers Is Emerging in the Pandemic’s Second Year

This story was originally published by ProPublica. Teresa Ruvalcaba lay on a bed in the emergency room of Chicago’s Mount… Read More

Diagnosed with Breast Cancer? Answers to Common Questions About Radiation

Physicians have used radiation therapy to treat breast cancer for well over a century. But even though it’s safe, some… Read More

Cancer and Covid-19

While individuals are at greater risk, treatment and screening must continue Robyn Hawkins is not an anxious person. “But this… Read More

Suffering from ‘Chemo Brain’? There’s Hope

Some of the most common symptoms experienced by cancer patients are memory problems, difficulties with multitasking, and reduced attention and… Read More

Cancer Patients Face Uncertainty as Coronavirus Cripples Hospitals

Above photo: National Cancer Institute, www.cancer.gov. Photo by Rhoda Baer The federal government has encouraged health centers to delay nonessential… Read More

Reducing the Risk

When tests reveal cancer probability, organ removal surgery can beat the odds Hedda Hart-DeLara sat in her gynecologist’s office, checking boxes… Read More

5 Things to Know About Esophageal Cancer

What is esophageal cancer? The esophagus is a tube that takes food from the mouth to the stomach. Esophageal cancer… Read More

Eating to Prevent Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, the lifetime risk of cancer in the United States is 1 in 3. But… Read More

To Prevent Colorectal Cancer, Start Screening at Age 45 or 50

Although recommendations on when to begin screening for colorectal cancer vary, one thing is clear: Regular screening is the key… Read More

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Screening Is an Important Step in Preventing Colon Cancer

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Are there ways to prevent colon cancer? What about early symptoms to watch for? I just turned… Read More

Six Viruses that Cause Cancer

The truth is doctors and scientists don't know what causes most types of cancer. Yes, some lifestyle behaviors, such as… Read More

Advances in Radiation

Targeted, pinpointed treatments may mean better control and fewer side effects Radiation therapy is a standard treatment for many types… Read More

Some Obesity-Related Cancers on the Rise in Americans Under 50

We've been told for decades that carrying around extra pounds can make us more likely to develop heart disease and… Read More

Training Cells to Attack

Groundbreaking CAR T-cell therapy engineers cells to target tumors In fall 2013, when psychiatrist J. Barry Rubin, DO, developed hip pain,… Read More

Sex After Cancer

Helping female survivors regain their sexual satisfaction and confidence After Naomi’s breast cancer treatment — the lumpectomy, the chemotherapy, the 33… Read More

When undergoing radiation treatment, compassionate care can help

Alexis Gabay was about to meet the radiation therapist who would be with her during her four weeks of breast… Read More

Prostate cancer screening should be based on individual circumstances

Mayo Clinic Q&A DEAR MAYO CLINIC: At what age should I be screened for prostate cancer? I have read different… Read More

Building Hope

Steady advances in pancreatic cancer treatment are improving outcomes When Harriet Wulfstat visited the Great Wall of China in 2006, she… Read More

What you need to know about 4 gynecological cancers

A diagnosis of cancer in a woman's reproductive organs can lead to fears about losing her femininity and her ability… Read More

What Everyone Should Know About Lung Cancer

“Every day a 747 plane full of people dies from lung cancer in the U.S.,” says Malcolm M. DeCamp, MD,… Read More

At a Loss for Words

What to say — and what not to — when talking about cancer In 2013, Charles Chamberlain, 53, a Chicago healthcare executive, was diagnosed with… Read More

Don’t ignore the subtle signs of ovarian cancer

It's called "the whispering cancer," and it often goes undetected until too late. "Ovarian cancer is a silent killer. It… Read More

Limiting weight gain could help to reduce risk of these cancers

There's yet another reason to maintain a healthy weight as we age. An international team of researchers has identified eight… Read More

Low-carb diet slows progressive brain tumor

A high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that included a coconut oil derivative helped reduce the growth of glioblastoma tumor cells and extended… Read More

Although rare, autonomic neuropathy can result from chemotherapy

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: After six months of chemotherapy, I developed autonomic neuropathy. I have been done with chemotherapy for a… Read More

Colorectal screening can save lives

Source: Parkland Hospital, Dallas Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death of the cancers that strike both men… Read More

Speaking Up About Prostate Cancer

Above photo: Ken Griffey Sr. Ken Griffey Sr. had reason to be worried about his prostate health. The former Cincinnati… Read More

Beyond Chemo

Immunotherapy treatments rev up immune system to fight cancer Six years ago Henry Kawell, then 72, heard news that rerouted his life: He… Read More

Healthy lifestyle choices can slow the rise of pancreatic cancer

The Medicine Cabinet: Ask the Harvard Experts    Q: I recently heard about two friends diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. And… Read More

Four cancer myths busted

Environmental Nutrition By Karen Collins, M.S., R.D.N., Environmental Nutrition Newsletter About a third of America's most common cancers can be… Read More

Getting Over It: Why You Should Get a Colonoscopy

Facing the discomfort of a colonoscopy is a sure way to avoid the greater discomfort and danger of colon cancer By Rhonda… Read More

Simple steps to help prevent colon cancer

The Medicine Cabinet: Ask the Harvard Experts By Howard LeWine, M.D. Q: An older cousin was recently diagnosed with colon… Read More

Research shows clear benefits to colon cancer screening no later than age 50

Mayo Clinic Q&A DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Is a colonoscopy still recommended for everyone when they turn 50? Are there other… Read More

Deciding when to get that first mammogram

Penn State Hershey Medical Center whatdoctorsknow.com The American Cancer Society's breast cancer screening guidelines could cause many women to wonder… Read More

What’s New in Colon Cancer Testing?

By Stacy Simon, Courtesy of the American Cancer Society No one looks forward to a colonoscopy, or the bowel prep… Read More

Researchers discover how immune cells resist radiation treatment

Source: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai whatdoctorsknow.com Researchers at The Tisch Cancer Institute at the Icahn School of… Read More

Asbestos exposure most significant risk factor for mesothelioma

Mayo Clinic Q&A DEAR MAYO CLINIC: What causes mesothelioma, and how is it different from lung cancer? Are there any… Read More

Six ways to lower your risk for colon cancer

By Stacy Simon Colon cancer is one of the more common cancers in the U.S. About 1 in 20 Americans… Read More

Can aspirin protect against cancer?

Harvard Health Blog By Lori Wiviott Tishler, M.D., M.P.H. The other day, a fit 50-year-old man came to me for a… Read More

The acrylamide-cancer link

By Clare Tone, M.S., R.D., Environmental Nutrition Newsletter Humans have been eating acrylamide, a chemical that forms in some foods… Read More

Treatment plan for pancreatic cancer unique to each individual

Mayo Clinic Q&A DEAR MAYO CLINIC: How do doctors determine whether or not chemotherapy or surgery is appropriate for treating… Read More

Do you know your personal colorectal cancer risk?

By Michael Kattan, Ph.D. What is your risk of having colorectal cancer? If you are approaching or have passed your… Read More

Radiation therapy no longer routinely used for ovarian cancer

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My mother was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer a few weeks ago. She had surgery and… Read More

Breast reconstruction may still be an option years after mastectomy

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Six years ago, at age 37, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lumpectomy. I… Read More

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Regular skin checks can help catch melanoma, other skin cancers early

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: When I was in my teens and 20s, I regularly used a tanning bed. I'm now 43… Read More

Some diet changes seem to reduce risk of ovarian, other cancers

By Karen Collins, M.S., R.D.N., C.D.N., F.A.N.D., Environmental Nutrition Newsletter More than 21,000 U.S. women may expect a diagnosis of… Read More

Sleuthing Out Cancer

Above photo: Carey August, MD Out of the spotlight, pathologists help detect disease By Nancy Maes When former President Jimmy Carter… Read More

Thyroid Cancer on the Rise

Diagnosis increasing, but many questions left unanswered By Heidi Kiec When Rebecca Smith felt a lump on her neck the… Read More

FDA’s Notice on Morcellation Stirs Up Fears and Not Enough Questions

By Ruth Kaufman Last December, a Boston anesthesiologist and her husband, a surgeon, launched a campaign to end the use… Read More

Skin Cancer: A Cautionary Tale

Diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, everything is called into question By David Himmel You wouldn’t have known it by looking… Read More

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