To Prevent Colorectal Cancer, Start Screening at Age 45 or 50

Although recommendations on when to begin screening for colorectal cancer vary, one thing is clear: Regular screening is the key… Read More

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Screening Is an Important Step in Preventing Colon Cancer

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Six Viruses that Cause Cancer

The truth is doctors and scientists don't know what causes most types of cancer. Yes, some lifestyle behaviors, such as… Read More

Advances in Radiation

Targeted, pinpointed treatments may mean better control and fewer side effects Radiation therapy is a standard treatment for many types… Read More

Some Obesity-Related Cancers on the Rise in Americans Under 50

We've been told for decades that carrying around extra pounds can make us more likely to develop heart disease and… Read More

Training Cells to Attack

Groundbreaking CAR T-cell therapy engineers cells to target tumors In fall 2013, when psychiatrist J. Barry Rubin, DO, developed hip pain,… Read More

Sex After Cancer

Helping female survivors regain their sexual satisfaction and confidence After Naomi’s breast cancer treatment — the lumpectomy, the chemotherapy, the 33… Read More

When undergoing radiation treatment, compassionate care can help

Alexis Gabay was about to meet the radiation therapist who would be with her during her four weeks of breast… Read More

Prostate cancer screening should be based on individual circumstances

Mayo Clinic Q&A DEAR MAYO CLINIC: At what age should I be screened for prostate cancer? I have read different… Read More

Building Hope

Steady advances in pancreatic cancer treatment are improving outcomes When Harriet Wulfstat visited the Great Wall of China in 2006, she… Read More

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