David Himmell

David Himmel David Himmel is a gale force creative. He stops at nothing to create the new idea, push the envelope, and ignite engaging ways of looking at the human condition.

A journalist in his soul, his career began in college after two semesters in business school. He realized then that making money just didn’t fuel his passion. Yeah, he regrets that a bit now that he’s in his forties. He always liked writing, so he took a job at the university newspaper, where he wrote an opinion column then rose to the role of Opinion Section Editor. With a long love for radio, he interned at the local Clear Channel (iHeart Radio) station, and things took off. From board operator to promotions coordinator to marketing director to the role he truly wanted: on-air host. He even wrote a book about the experience, The Last DJ. And then, from an award-winning filmmaker to an award-winning journalist. From an editor-in-chief-to an experiential event creative director. He has written and published two other books thus far: A Camp Story and Hope Idiotic. His career is a journey, the most exciting and strangest road trip you’ll ever hear.

David is a crafty storyteller embracing the gonzo approach with heart. Every experience, whether his or someone else’s, is a chance to make news and influence the zeitgeist. With humility.

He is proud of two stories he wrote for Chicago Health, one that brings us into the real time witnessing of a heart transplant, the other, a cautionary tale of skin cancer where he recounts his experience of his own skin cancer diagnosis. More than that, David is proud of his two children, Harry and Jacob. An avid runner and sailor, this is how he unwinds and sorts through the grand ideas for his next book.