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Teaching Hospitals Features

Teaching Hospitals

Chicago area hospitals take steps to increase patients’ overall health through health literacy Greg Banks had one month in which…

Owning Disability In The Know

Owning Disability

By talking about their differences, children can self-advocate and build confidence  Tommy O’Leary appreciates a good joke. Occasionally, when a…

High-five Cancer


The 5 supports that got me through cancer treatment Getting support during cancer treatment is essential. But finding the right support…

Healthcare Guides Charities

Healthcare Guides

Health literacy nonprofits highlight crucial need for patient advocacy The U.S. healthcare system is daunting, and often people have to…

A Midwestern Island for Abortion Access Access to Care

A Midwestern Island for Abortion Access

How changing abortion laws are impacting Illinois The Supreme Court’s June decision against abortion rights triggered a cascade of laws…

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