During Cancer Treatment,  Feel More Like You

During Cancer Treatment, Feel More Like You

Cancer treatment is tough enough. On top of it, some of the visible side effects — hair loss, dry skin, changes in nails — can take their toll. And those external changes can affect how cancer patients feel internally. 

A new pharmacy and beauty service at Walgreens is focused on helping patients through the medical and physical changes that often occur with treatment. The Feel More Like You service gives customers access to specially trained beauty consultants who can suggest makeup solutions, personal care items and over-the-counter products to help those with cancer feel their best. Walgreens also has pharmacists specialized in oncology treatment and medications at select locations.

The Feel More Like You service includes tailored information regarding products to help with treatment side effects such as skin rashes, increased fatigue, dry hair, skin discolorations and sunlight sensitivities. 

“We want to help our customers maintain a confident, familiar outward appearance, which is part of their treatment and healing process,” says Rina Shah, Walgreens vice president of pharmacy operations. 

The free service is available at select stores. For more information, visit walgreens.com/feelmorelikeyou.


Above photo: Feel More Like You. Courtesy of Business Wire

Originally published in the Fall 2019/Winter 202 print issue.