The Army at UChicago

The Army at UChicago

In a tactical maneuver, active-duty Army medical personnel are now embedded at the University of Chicago Medicine. They’re stationed not for battle but for training.

It’s a military-civilian exchange of best practices, as Army physicians, nurses, and medics are sharpening their skills ahead of their deployments while providing healthcare in the city. 

“We’re joining forces together to help save lives [in Chicago], which will eventually translate to saving lives overseas,” says Kenneth Wilson, MD, medical director of the UChicago Medicine trauma center. 

The trauma center cared for 4,400 patients in 2020, with a case mix including everything from intentional violence to farm accidents. It’s an ideal training environment to keep Army personnel skills fresh. Eventually, as many as 30 Army medical personnel will train in Chicago each year.

“While we may wear a uniform as part of our job, we’re not here as the Army,” says Lt. Col. Timothy Plackett, DO, MPH, an Army trauma surgeon embedded at UChicago Medicine. “We’re here as healthcare professionals to care for the community on the South Side.”