Rita Colorito

Rita Colorito Freelance health journalist Rita Colorito has covered health and wellness since high school, when her report on the cafeterias unhealthy fare got salads and yogurt added to the menu. And thats when journalism — and its power to change and inform — went from an extracurricular activity to a lifelong career. Since then, Rita has covered nutrition, but also health topics from A to Z, literally: from ADHD to the zoonotic diseases.

You may recognize Ritas name from Chicago Parent, when she wrote their health news pages on pediatric and maternal health some 14 years ago. Rita now specializes in writing about cancer care, cardiovascular disease, preventive care, public health policy, and behavioral and mental health. Her favorite stories involve interviewing real people who beat the odds or overcame healthcare challenges.

A 7-year breast cancer survivor, Rita never loses sight of the people behind the healthcare statistics. And because everyone has an opinion about what you should do when youre ill, shes also keenly aware of the dangers of misinformation. Rita likes to say Im not a medical expert. But I know how to interview medical experts and to read medical studies, so I can give readers the most accurate, unbiased, trustworthy information.”

One of her favorite questions to ask health experts: What misinformation would you like to correct?” Since her hockey mom days ended last year, shes been figuring out what to do with all her free time.