“Where’s My Mammogram?”

“Where’s My Mammogram?”

Women over 40 are heeding the advice of their physicians and getting regular mammograms. In 2015, 65% said they’d had a mammogram in the previous two years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The next challenge: getting women to bring their prior mammogram records to follow-up specialist appointments. 

A woman’s medical history isn’t always readily shared across healthcare systems. Especially when seeking a second opinion in a different medical center, it’s important to bring a copy of your previous mammogram. 

“Getting past mammograms in hand can be so challenging for women and their doctors that, at times, women seeking cancer treatment will arrive at an oncology or surgical consultation without these records,” says Cristin Gardner, director of consumer products and markets for Mammosphere, which works with large hospitals in the Chicago area and across the country to help women access their medical records more easily.

To help grow awareness, Mammosphere launched “Where’s my Mammogram?,” a campaign designed to educate women on the importance of obtaining prior mammogram records.

Ultimately, Mammosphere aims to empower women to be active participants in their breast health and avoid the additional appointments, false positives and increased anxiety that can stem from providers having an incomplete picture of their mammogram history. 

To learn more, head to mammosphere.com/patients. 

Originally published in the Fall 2019/Winter 2020 issue