5 Things Doctors Would Never Do

5 Things Doctors Would Never Do

Ever wonder where your physician draws the line when it comes to their health or the health of their family? We asked around to find out what things doctors in Chicago would never do. Here’s what they said.

“I would never let my kids ride on my lap while driving a riding lawn mower. Over the years, I’ve seen several injuries to toddlers or children who slither away from the parent or grandparent while the mower blades are turning. The child’s leg gets sucked under the mowing deck, and the blades cause extensive injuries to the extremity.”—Stephen Crouch, MD, emergency medicine, Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital

“I never let my family ride a bike without a helmet. Working in the emergency department, I’ve seen too many serious injuries to bikers in this city that would not be serious if the bicyclist had been wearing a helmet.”—Bruce McNulty, MD, emergency medicine, Swedish Covenant Hospital

“I never drink regular soda because it’s pure sugar and empty calories. And on a lighter note, I never drink decaf because it’s pointless.”—Steve Attanasio, DO, interventional cardiologist, Swedish Covenant Hospital and Swedish Covenant Medical Group

“I would never wear contact lenses swimming or in a hot tub. The bacteria in pools and hot tubs are terrible, and the combination of a contact lens and swimming can easily lead to blindness.”—Michelle Andreoli, MD, ophthalmologist, Wheaton Eye Clinic

“As a gynecologist, I find it hard to believe there are still many women out there in the dating world who don’t practice safe sex. Just because he’s an investment banker doesn’t mean he can’t possibly have herpes. I’ve heard a version of this logic from women ranging from 20 to 50! The quality of a man’s suit does not equate to the quality of his health or candor about STIs [sexually transmitted infections]. When I dated medical students I still made them cover up. Be smart. Be safe!”—Nicole Williams, MD, gynecologic surgeon, founder of The Gynecology Institute of Chicago