Janis MVK

Janis MVK Janis MVK has been a storyteller all her life, but for the past 15 years, she’s done more than just tell stories, she has written them. Finding truth and amplifying voices, Janis is a professional journalist who crafts engaging pieces that makes an impact. In her dynamic portfolio, Janis boasts magazine features alongside captivating digital content penned for a range of media platforms recognized on local, national, and global stages.

Janis has carved out an illustrious career that spans different channels, from producing a health-focused radio talk show to spearheading marketing and sales initiatives for a prestigious international luxury Italian fashion house. She’s served as the managing editor for a health and wellness newspaper group and worked as lead fashion editor for a Chicago-based magazine. Currently, Janis is a principal content writer for a multinational digital publication and a resident writer for a luxury lifestyle magazine group.

When she’s not writing, Janis is supermom, juggling the joys — and challenges — of raising her two little ones. With her extensive background in writing, editing, sales, and marketing, Janis creates stories and develops solutions that raise the voices most impacted.

Instagram: @momumentalthing
Website: janismvk.com