Susan Cosier

Susan Cosier Susan Cosier is a freelance writer focused on science and the environment. She studied environmental science as an undergraduate and decided to use her science background to tell stories about our world. The ways humans and nature collide — and the effects of that interaction — fascinate her. A journalist for nearly two decades, she dives into subjects that range from the effect of air pollution on health to clean energy.

And her audiences range, too, from academics to people who may not know much about a subject until they read an article on it. She is drawn to journalism because articles can take readers on a journey. Susan loves to navigate people through compelling stories about the world around us.

A story she wrote for Chicago Health magazine, “Food as Medicine,” won a 2023 national communication award from the National Federation of Press Women, and another, “Finding Refuge,” won an honorable mention. “Black Minds Matter,” an article she wrote for the same magazine, was a finalist for the Chicago Journalists Association’s 2022 Sarah Brown Boyden Awards. You can see examples of other articles she wrote on her website.



X: @susancosier