New Health Laws

New Health Laws

Bodily Autonomy Ordinance

This new Chicago law prohibits city departments and agencies from participating in investigations or proceedings related to reproductive and gender-affirming care by another jurisdiction. In other words, if an anti-abortion state comes around seeking information about a citizen who may have received care in Chicago, the inquirer won’t be able to access any information from city departments or agencies.

Effective September 2022

Lead Poisoning Prevention Act — HB4369 

Any dwelling that received a notification of hazardous lead from surface contamination (i.e. paint) now requires a follow-up inspection. This new law gives the owner a more restrictive time limit to mitigate the lead: If the unit houses a child under 6 or a pregnant person, the owner has 30 days to correct the problem. Otherwise, the owner has 90 days. 

Effective January 2023

Inflation Reduction Act

Among other things, this act, which President Joe Biden signed in August 2022, targets high prescription drug prices. It mandates that seniors’ drug costs not exceed $2,000 per year (starting in 2025), and their insulin cost no more than $35 per month. It also expands the number of free vaccines under Medicare, and allows Medicare to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices. 

Effective January 2023 (unless otherwise noted)