Advancing Anesthesia Excellence Through Strong, Stable Leadership

Advancing Anesthesia Excellence Through Strong, Stable Leadership

Anesthesia programs today face countless challenges inside and outside the operating room. From the unforeseen trials of the Covid-19 pandemic to effective collaboration with surgical teams and everything between, it takes a strong anesthesia team to ensure a facility’s success. Leading TeamHealth’s partnership with Advocate Sherman Hospital, Fritz-Jose E. Chandler, MD, knows the value of experienced boots-on-the-ground leadership.

Serving his country and patients

Prior to his clinical leadership role at Advocate Sherman Hospital, Chandler’s career included private, military, and academic positions. Emigrating from Haiti to the United States in 1990, he began advanced medical training at the University of Miami. While there, he completed a general surgery internship and anesthesiology residency, having completed his medical degree and a prior general surgery residency in Haiti. After completing this training, Chandler joined the U.S. Air Force as a commissioned officer.

“For me, the decision to serve in the military was very natural,” Chandler says. “I wanted to offer my services to give back to my country and was happy to do so in the United States Air Force.”

Chandler served four years in active duty, including a seven-month tour in Iraq during Operation Enduring Freedom. He continued pursuing advanced education and leadership training following his active-duty service, receiving a Master of Science in healthcare management from the University of Texas and a Master of Business Administration from Louisiana State University. During this time, Chandler continued serving his country in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

Choosing growth and stability

Chandler’s transition to TeamHealth Anesthesia was born out of a desire for growth. “I knew this would be a change for me,” Chandler says. “But I also knew that TeamHealth could offer me a certain level of resources, safety, and security to further my practice and serve my patients.”

TeamHealth is physician-led, which was one of the reasons Chandler decided to join. He knew that his goals as a clinician would be prioritized at every level of the company. The vast resources available were also advantages. As the leading physician practice in the U.S., TeamHealth’s network of more than 15,000 clinicians has access to advanced training, wellness support, and much more to ensure the highest-quality care delivery for patients across the country.

“TeamHealth follows, supports, and embraces its clinicians. We all have a stake in what matters,” Chandler says.

Leading advanced anesthesia care

Chandler is a champion of improved clinical and patient experiences. His leadership style emphasizes teamwork, with the goal of growing surgical volumes and improving care delivery for patients. Part of this work, Chandler believes, is investing in the communities he and his team serve.

Alignment is also a vital component of Chandler’s leadership philosophy. Collaboration among clinical teams, facility staff, and hospital leadership is crucial to a program’s success. In anesthesia, this is particularly important. Nothing is more foundational to successful care delivery than strong leadership managing an active partnership between surgical and anesthesia teams.

“Communication is key,” Chandler says. He fosters an environment of mutual support as the anesthesia facility medical director for TeamHealth at Advocate Sherman Hospital, a 255-bed, not-for-profit facility in Elgin. With the vast experience and expertise of both the anesthesia and surgical teams, Chandler focuses on building a strong partnership and promoting consistency in care.

Expanding anesthesia services at Advocate Sherman Hospital

Along with his team, Chandler is advancing long-term stability for the surgical program at Advocate Sherman Hospital. Chandler and his team of physician anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists provide patients high-quality care while also helping the facility achieve its surgical goals.

“Immediately, I was impressed with the entire staff’s confidence at Advocate Sherman,” Chandler says. “The bold, collaborative leadership of the C-suite, the clinicians’ passion for care, and the prospect of growing a strong, long-term program to serve the community drew me to this position.”

Chandler is actively expanding his team and seeking career-oriented clinicians who are looking for continuity and reliability. With this long-term partnership, clinicians can feel confident in their future as part of TeamHealth Anesthesia. “If you want to be a part of this robust, talented team, come on down,” Chandler says. “We have so much more to accomplish together.”

TeamHealth and Advocate Sherman Hospital provide high-quality care in the Chicagoland area. To learn more about building an enduring anesthesia career, please visit