Every new parent should take CPR classes

Every new parent should take CPR classes

I was seeing a newborn the other day, and the parents had a great idea. Their baby had spit up, and they were concerned about how to clear his airway. When we discussed how to hold the baby to clear the airway they had the great idea of having a CPR “teaching party” for a group of their friends who also had young babies.

I encourage new parents (actually all parents, and even grandparents) to take a CPR class. I am fortunate that we have yearly CPR class in our office, which keeps us all up-to-date.

It is fairly easy to find local CPR classes, either through the YMCA, the American Heart Association or often through the hospital where you deliver your baby. But, in these cases you have to take the class on “their schedule.” What a great idea to host a party with your friends and hire a certified CPR instructor to come to you!

You know I do like to “isolate” my newborn patients from crowds (for 6-8 weeks), but it is fun to gather with other parents of newborns to get some social interaction. If everyone brought their baby, and a dish for dinner, it could be a mini dinner party followed by CPR training.

So let’s start planning CPR parties. I may even do one for my friends who are becoming grandparents.

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