Improve Your Chances of Childbirth

Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron, director of the fertility preservation program at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System, points out that there are natural lifestyle ways for couples to boost their fertility. Smokers should quit their habit, and alcohol should be kept to a minimum. Men and women should maintain a healthy weight. “Obesity decreases the likelihood of getting pregnant and increases the possibility of complications, such as miscarriage, [once] a woman is pregnant,” says Hirshfeld.

It is also important to minimize the use of medications and drugs such as marijuana, which has an adverse effect on sperm. Men should avoid exposure to excessive heat, such as the use of saunas, which can kill sperm, and to pesticides, herbicides and toxic materials. In addition, they should wear loose-fitting underwear. Hirshfeld-Cytron also mentions that some lubricants used during intercourse can have a harmful effect on sper­m and suggests olive oil as an alternative. She points out that it is important to have intercourse frequently and also to determine when the woman is ovulating by monitoring her temperature or using over-the-counter ovulation predictor kits and to have sex during that time to optimize natural fertility
–Nancy Maes