Step-By-Step: Emily Randazzo’s Chicago Marathon Training Diary Part VI

Step-By-Step: Emily Randazzo’s Chicago Marathon Training Diary Part VI


Over the last several weeks, we have been following 26-year-old Emily Randazzo as she trained for her first marathon. We learned what this kind of training can do to the body and the mind as well as a functioning social life. Now that the race is over, we wanted to share with you how Emily did on that hot October Sunday.

Her original time goal was around four hours and 15 minutes and she stayed with that pacing group for about half the race. However, after mile 15, she started walking about every two miles.

“It was hot and sunny and there was no shade, so I walked through every water stop,” Emily said.

But instead of hitting the wall – a sudden loss of energy common in endurance sports – during the last stretch, Emily felt a surge of energy. “After mile 21 I really clicked on,” she said. “I was smiling more, waving to everyone in the street and dancing to the music. I knew I wouldn’t hit my time, but I also knew that I was going to live after the race.”

When she turned the corner on Columbus Drive and saw the finish line, Emily felt what she described as “pure jubilation.” She gave thumbs ups to cameramen and blazed through the finish.

She wants to run another marathon, but she’s in no hurry. For now, she and her boyfriend Shawn plan to do a half marathon next summer in Napa Valley.

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